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Tubes · 03. februari 2020
Exploring details from the Qtron Audio PA12B OTL amp.
Tubes · 03. augustus 2018
Last week a customer of me bought a tube amplifier on (a local auction site in Th Netherlands). But it didn't work properly.
Tubes · 28. juni 2018
Last week I was doing some studying on what to buy next for my shop which I want to offer and sell to my customers. I found a brand I didn't know: CIFTÉ or as some write it: CIFTE. I was curious what this French brand was all about! I found through Google some references for 'French military', 'radio equipment', 'Mazda', '12AU7' but not a lot more. Real European NOS tubes is becoming very scarse indeed! From what I read it became clear, CIFTÉ was a very good brand, and the 12AU7 NOS are very...