October 28th 2022. Arriving 8 matched pairs of RCA ECC82 Cleartops cryo treated!! See ECC82 page for ordering...


Also new in the very rare ECC812 = E88CC equivalent from Cifté, Mazda Bellvue, Dario Miniwatt and Philips Miniwatt. See the ECC88 section.



Production and delivery of new production tubes in danger according to TAD:



(As of 16 March 2022)


Without a doubt, the current situation on the tube market can be classified as dramatic. In any case, for years, there have been only three noteworthy manufacturers of audio amplifier tubes such as 12AX7 / ECC83, EL84, EL34 and 6L6GC.


In August 2019, the largest manufacturer Shuguang closed its factory in order to move to a larger and more modern location. Unfortunately, the new production facility has not been granted permission for two years now. In the meantime, leading employees have left or have been compensated. This probably means the end of the Shuguang Electron Tube Factory.


The second major manufacturer in Russia, known mainly for the Sovtek, Electro Harmonix, Tung-Sol and Gold-Lion brands, can no longer export tubes since the Russian sanctions came into force.


This leaves only JJ as the smallest of the three big manufacturers. And their delivery time was already up to 18-20 months, even before the Russian sanctions.


My advise: stock up your tubes before other do!

Lelystad, 25 January 2022.




For all users of above equipment... good and bad news. All Telefunken EF184 tubes are sold out worldwide. Due to this fact and as we all know these tubes needs to be carefully matched both on plate current, GM and mu we started offering sellings quads of Philips NOS EF184-6EJ7.


Quads are tested from boxes of 200 NOS Philips EF184 tubes and can range in plate current from 9 mA to 15 mA. The quads with the best test results are the most expensive in pricing. World wide shipping.







Lelystad, January 10 2022.


New for sale are offered the NOS RFT ECC82's! These are made in East Germany early 1960's. RFT's are known to be quiet and low microphonic so an excellent choice if noise is an issue. Also they sound very good! 

3 types of getters are sold:


- First type with solid elliptical disk getter (most early RFT types);

- Second type with large O-getter and thin double support;

- Third type with large O-getter and FAT double support.


As the solid elliptical getter is the most early rare type these are the most expensive. All types come in matched pairs and are in stock for 24 hours shipping!


Lelystad, 12 november 2021.


There in! The latest batch of 64 NOS Sylvania Gold Brand 6350 tubes. Made in USA 1957 these are the rare black plates horsshoe getter types which are cryo treated with Deoxit cleaned pins for the ultimate sound! 


Please order on the ECC82 tube page. They will be soon sold out so please order your set now! Shipping worldwide within 24 hours. All tubes are matched in pairs, quads within 5% plate current on the Amplitrex AT1000.

Philips Miniwatt ECC81 12AT7 CV4024 13D9


Dronten, 27 juli 2021. They are coming in again! We bought a large amount of NOS Philips Miniwatt ECC81 tubes from the 1960's Heerlen factory The Netherlands. Available in matched pairs and quads @1% these tubes test very good at 10,0/10,0 mA and 5500/5500+ uMhos. Comes with Philips tube boxes. Now on ordering for 160 euro for a matched pair. Send an email to: or call +31 6 48681170.

We ship our tubes worldwide to our customers carefully packed in a very strong box and bubble plastic to make shure every ordered tube arrives in the best possible condition!


Dronten, May 23th. Direct available from stock: the brilliant sounding award winning Unison Research Simply Italy: 12 watts single ended class A with integrated DAC. Please order from our website with free home delivery and free installation! is official dealer for Unison Research and works closely together with Wim van Kraanen, importer The Netherlands. 


Also from stock available the Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck with 10 inch Ace Space arm with special tone arm wiring: Phantom cable with low capacitance ideal for example Lyra MC cartridges!! Please see our Nottingham Analogue page.

Dronten, May 23th 2021. Newly arriving tube Voskod Rocket 6N1P-VI in boxes of 100 pieces.


Today arrived 2 boxes of 100 tubes each NOS 1988 all the same year of production the legendary 6N1P-VI. These 200 tubes are matched in matched pairs, quads, matched in platecurrent, GM, aplification factor (mu) all within 1% platinum plus+. This is a jewel. The VI version is balanced and matched, per datasheet specification, this is the highest quality. 


The normal 6N1P tube and the 6N1P-EV also are very good sounding tubes but don't have balanced GM for example 2600/2600 uMhos. Only the best testing tubes have this specification. Comes with clear OTK markings. An upgrade for every ECC88, 6DJ8, E88CC, 6BQ7A etc.. Please order on the ECC88 page!

Pre-order now! Reflector 6N23P-EV Coming in March 6 2021!


Expected is a bulk package of 100 x Reflector 6N23P-EV, the militairy equivalent of the 6N23P! Available in matched pairs or quads please refer to the ECC88 pages for more details. A very rare tube nowadays these are the perfect opportunity to upgrade any modern production tubes like JJ of EH or Chinese stuff! Delivery as of March 8 2021. All tested and matched on the Amplitrex AT1000 tubetester.

New in! December 1th 2020.


A large batch of 125 NOS tubes RCA 5963 has arrived! and been tested in matched pairs testing NOS at minimum 10,4/10,4 mA and 2200/2200+ uMhos. So very NOS and very good sounding 17 mm plates from early 1960's USA production. Killing al new production ECC82 tubes! A matched pair for 80 euro. Please take a look at the ECC82 page.

November 14th 2020


Dealership The Netherlands for Unison Research tube ampliers, Lyra MC cartridges, Acoustic Energy loudspeakers, Graham Slee phono amplifiers, Supra cables, Nottingham Analogue turntables and Duende Criatura tube rings!


From September 1th 2020 I became dealer for all above mentioned brands supplied through my webshop. Last in is the new Unison Research - Simply Italy -  with 12 watts single ended the smallest tube amplifier from Unison Research! 


Please be aware: you can order directly from my webshop. All products will be listed here and can be chosen for ordering! Comes with 2 years full warranty unless otherwise stated.


27th June 2020


Please read my new blog in restoring a Hickok 1-177 tube tester!

New tubes in! 27th June 2020


6x GE 6829 a super long life 5 star series red print very rare 12AT7 equivalent 95 USD a piece.

4 x Telefunken EF804S with Telefunken box for 165 USD a piece.

4 x Philips E188CC made in Holland Heerlen factory matched pair 370 USD.

16 x Ulyanov 6C33C tested and matched on Amplitrex AT1000 for 75 euro piece.

50 x Russian 6C41C tubes also tested and matched Amplitrex AT1000 (adapter) 35 euro a piece.


Please send an email to: for ordering! Free ship worldwide.

May 31 2020 


A new batch of RCA black plates 5963 = ECC82 5814A 6189 is coming in! Please order quickly before there gone. The 5963 is a very good sounding ECC82 equivalent. Tested and matched in pairs @ 1%.

April 8th 2020 Large batch Philips USA made E810F aka D3A - 7788 6J52P.


Today I received a large batch of 160 NOS tubes Philips E810F. Tested and matched on the Amplitrex AT1000 these tubes are available for delivery around the world! Test NOS @ 17,8 mA and 35000 uMhos+. Price = 49.95 euro for a matched pair of 2 tubes. Gold pins Holland Heerlen made also available @ 89,95 euro for a matched pair. Please send an email to:




DRONTEN, March 26th 2020.


Dear customers,


Here at we are in fine condition, fully working and shipping tubes around the globe! Due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus we have taking special hygienic measures to ensure all our shipments are on the highest hygienic standards before shipping it to you. You can order safely and our delivery will be as fast as under normal conditions.


Please however take in account that some deliveries to China, Japan or Korea and USA will take longer because of sick people at the postal services.


We wish you all the best, stay safe and enjoy some analog music!


Best regards, Wijnand Kuijt and team.







As of January 1th 2020 I will be the official importer and dealer for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg for the exclusive OTL amplifiers from Qtron Audio from Sweden. Email or call for a home-demo! 06-48681170 or




NEW IN: November 3th 2019: 21 matched pairs Telefunken ECC83 12AX7 tested and matched on 1,2/1,2 mA and 1600/1600 uMhos NOS Amplitrex AT1000. 






Welcome at my very new webshop Here you find more than 10.000 NOS tubes like EL84 or EL34 and tube amplifiers (repair) and new from different brands and more than 6000 second hand classical records from labels like Decca, EMI, RCA, Philips, DGG and many others. I believe analog and tubes are the best marriage in HIFI!! So that's why I'm offering them together on this website. Please contact me by email or phone if you need advice or help with making the best choice. My company '' is a small company, selling directly to tube lovers. No big overhead, just me directly communicating to you as a buyer. If you have a question please email: Happy buying!!


All tubes sold @ are checked and paired with a Amplitrex AT1000. The most advanced modern tube tester. More about this you can read on the specific Amplitrex page  All records are cleaned on a Okki Nokki Mk IV and a BRC-01 for ultrasonic cleaning and have a new clean innersleeve and 100 micron polyethyleen outersleeve.  All records are listed in the database which you can find on classical records page in the menu on top of the page.


With the search function above you can explore all tubes available in the webshop!


All tubes and records are directly available and will be shipped within 24 hours after payment, unless otherwise stated. Professional shipping material will be used to carefully pack you orders! Time for home delivery depends on how quick postal services, customs and other services will work. I do my job to ship as quickly as promised!


I have a monthly mailinglist which I send by email. Please go to 'mailing list' in the menu above and send an email to me if interested! I'll put you on the list and inform you of my monthly new DIY stuff, tubes and records! I use Mailchimp as tool to send my monthly newsletter.

My name is Wijnand Kuijt, for more than 25 years I have been collecting and selling tubes and classical records. When everybody got 'digital' I started collecting classical records.. I have a catalogue of more then 6200 collectable classical records, I reside in Dronten, The Netherlands and I'm a keen audiophile as you can see on my page with my equipment. I mostly play analog music, no CD's, no hi-res downloads, just analog records. This doesn't mean I don't like 'digital' music, just never got started with digital. 


I love tubes and I'm using them with my Jericho 08 hornloudspeakers (105dB). I use the Line Magnetic 219 SET tube amplifier and DIY 2 x 12 watt EL84 pushpull amplifier. To play the vinyl I use the Transrotor Fat Bob with Jelco 9" and TMD and 3 motorunits from Transrotor combined with a Dr. Fuss powersupply. And a restored Thorens TD166 MKII with Rega RB251. Also lots of cartridges like Van den Hul, Audio Technica AT150MLX, AT3mono/LP, Nagaoka MP110, Benz Micro 2,5 mV and a Sumiko Bluepoint Special. All in a 'Phonodude' MK3 phono amplifier with 6X4, 5755 and 6N3P-DR tubes. Wonderful sound!