Primare R35 phono amplifier

The R35 is presented in a beautifully styled and finished enclosure weighing in at an impressive 9.5kg and available in titanium or black. The front panel is blank apart from the Primare logo, the centre of which doubles as an on/standby switch and also contains an operation LED. The unit reverts to standby after 20 minutes of no input signal being detected, but this function can be defeated if required.


At the rear, the unit has unbalanced inputs and outputs on RCAs, plus a set of balanced XLR outputs. A row of toggle switches selects MC or MC operation, a subsonic filter and the gain of the preamp circuitry. Three switch positions give the options of +36, +40 and +44dB through the unbalanced outputs, plus +42, +46 and +50dB from the balanced XLRs, for MM. The corresponding figures for MC are +62, +66 and +70dB (unbalanced) and +68, +72 and +76dB (balanced), all of which are pretty accurate in practice.


The standard power cable can be replaced with a OPTIONAL Supra LoRad SPC 2.5 mm 1,0 meter power cable for an extra 160 euro. Please ask when ordering! 

Primare R35 phono amplifier

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