Last week I was doing some studying on what to buy next for my shop which I want to offer and sell to my customers. I found a brand I didn't know: CIFTÉ or as some write it: CIFTE. I was curious what this French brand was all about! I found through Google some references for 'French military', 'radio equipment', 'Mazda', '12AU7' but not a lot more. Real European NOS tubes is becoming very scarse indeed!


From what I read it became clear, CIFTÉ was a very good brand, and the 12AU7 NOS are very expensive. So I decided to buy a box of 200 tubes named 6AK6, probably used in radio equipment of the French army.


I think the 6AK6 tube hasn't got a real equivalent, but it seems to be a 7 pin base mini pentode, outputting 2,75 watts. Today I received the box with 200 tubes. Wow! These tubes are made in 1964 so there now 54 years old! As you can see they are individually packed in boxes with paper and carton around them. Still after 54 years in great condition.


The print is 100% and the pins are straight. I took out 10 tubes to randomly test for ratings on my Amplitrex AT1000. Wow again! Where 15 mA = 100% I still measured 15,6 mA after 54 years!


So why did I buy these tubes ? I found them very cute, exceptional good quality, and also nice to build a SET of PP amplifier. A good starting point for DIY projects with tubes that are not very expensive and something else from the commonly used EL34, EL84 or other well know tubes.


I found a clip on YouTube for an guitar amplifier with this tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOP2OaEz7sg. It's sound quit 'noisy'. There's not a lot of info on the internet. Can someone tell me where I can find a amplifier design made for this 6AK6 tube ? Should I use a single end EL84 design with one 6AK6 per channel and an ECC83/12AX7 ?

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    Jos Defoer (maandag, 16 juli 2018 21:31)

    beste firma , ik heb een intergrated versterker , melody 211
    deze versterker bevat
    5AR4/GZ34 Deze heb ik reeds vervangen door een Pvanne

    De input buis is een alledaagse ecc83/12AX7; lmogelijk dat deze buis ( 1 stuks te vervangen is door een 5751 of 6072. Of beter nog de 6829 van General Electrics of de E180cc van Mullard of Philips.
    Vandaar gaat het signaal naar een volgende dubbeltriode, de 4P1S7. Zo alledaags de ecc83 is, zo uitzonderlijk is deze 4P1S7 die de 211 buizen uiteindelijk aanstuurt. Het is een buis waar weinig over te vinden is op het net en daardoor is het lastig te achterhalen waarom men voor dit type koos. maar mogelijk dat er een replacement is ik heb deze met veel pijn en moeite vervangen voor een RCA Jan 1L4 maar mogelijk dat er een beter buis is daar heb ik er 2 , match pair van nodig .. mocht u iets hebben dan hoor ik dat graag mvg Jos defoer57@gmail.com

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    Heph333 (vrijdag, 03 mei 2019 23:27)

    Here is a 3 watt push-pull design using 6ak6: http://diy-fever.com/amps/3w-tube-power-amp/