Classical Records

In my classical database more then 6000+ collectable classical classical records are placed with a description of artist, label, music pieces, condition and price. All records are graded, cleaned on a VPI 16.5, given new innersleeves and 100 micron polyethyleen outersleeves. Most records get playgraded on a Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace with mono and stereo cartridges and played on a system containing a Unison Research Simply Italy single ended class A tube amplifier and a DIY Jericho '08 horn loudspeaker (105 dB) or a Scan Speak SE Reference Monitor (90 dB). I use a Graham Slee MC Accession top of the line phono amplifier as a RIAA stage.


Ordering can be done by copying the label and record number (for example 'Decca SXL 2001') in this contact email. I will them get back to you to discuss availability and shipping costs. 


But you can also directly order from the productpage for example Decca and put different items in you shopping cart. Discounts I refund after receiving payment!


If you buy 6 records or more in one shipment I give 35% discount. Orders of more then 1000 euro's get a discount of 50% on total order price. Please contact me first:

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Classical database 16 juni 2021 updated!
Contains about 6200 collectable classical recordings from labels like Decca, DGG, EMI, Philips, Argo, RCA etc.. Precisiously described with condition and price and artists. All cleaned on a Okki Nokki MK IV or ultrasonically with a BRC-01 and given new clean high quality innersleeves and 100 micron polyethyleen outersleeves. Shipped in custom boxes.
Classical database 16 juni 2021.ods
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