Restoring a Hickok I-177-B

Last week I bought a very clean and good looking about 65 years old tube tester: the Hickok I-177B with the adapter set MX-949 A/U. The military tube tester I-177B is designed around 1950 as successor of the WW2 model. The I-177B tube tester is made for the American Forces, and also used in NATO countries. This unit was used by the Dutch Army.

Because of the special climate conditions in Korea a great number of tube testers had some special treatment. MFP, stands for Moisture and Fungi Proof. The inside of the tube tester is covered with a special coating to protect the tester from moisture en fungi.


First impressions: looks like new accept... one of the rectifiers has a broken base see pictures and there seems to be some repairs done seen on the second picture left underside.



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    Joseph.K Risher (zaterdag, 19 september 2020 18:48)

    Greetings�These testers are just about the best made.

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    Wijnand Kuijt (zondag, 20 september 2020 09:15)

    Hello Joseph, thank you for your comment! It's now being restored by an American specialist and calibrated so it can be used for another 25 years...

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    S.H (zondag, 06 december 2020 12:21)

    Hallo, ik heb een Bel Canto set 845 poweramp.
    Ik heb begrepen dat alleen de 845A en de 845 B geschikt zijn om te gebruiken, zijn er andere alternatieven?

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    name S.Oostra (donderdag, 14 december 2023 16:08)

    Hoi Wijnand, Even langs deze weg. Je hebt mijn telefoonnummer, ik heb het jouwe niet. Ken ook je achternaam niet. Misschien ben je mijn telefoonnummer kwijt. N.a.v. de PH7. Heb je mijn email ontvangen.? Ik ga akkoord. Heb ook nog een LP van je. 252552 Ik wacht af! Tot spoedig? Mvg Sytze